IRS receives NRW start-up scholarship

Intelligent Robotic Services: Graduate of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences receives NRW start-up scholarship

Within a short period of time, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences has received its second start-up scholarship. After the first funding of the start-up idea Ringelbox, Giridhar Vitta Bukka, graduate of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Mechanical Engineering, is now also pleased about the founder scholarship. The Founder's Scholarship NRW promotes innovative start-up ideas, including that of the graduate from the Lower Rhine region.

Giridhar Vitta Bukka is working with Intelligent Robotic Services (IRS) on innovative functions for the rapid and regular maintenance of wind turbine rotor blades of wind turbines, such as autonomous visual inspections and conductivity tests. In the process using the latest computer vision algorithms to perform visual inspections fully autonomously. This approach opens up the possibility of visual inspection process of the rotor blades of an entire wind farm via a graphical user interface.

"Service robots can assist humans in working in hazardous environments. Our startup idea, IRS, has the vision to use the advancing robotics technology to improve safety, productivity and intelligence for wind farm wind farm operators and other industrial maintenance and service providers. The startup grant will help me to further develop the startup idea," says Bukka.

During his student trainee activities at ISIS IC GmbH, Bukka was involved in the INTERREG-funded project SPECTORS (sensor products for companies creating technological opportunities in airborne remote sensing). The Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences also was a project partner here. In this project, he was initially involved in the as well as the configuration of drones. Later he designed and developed prototypes of peripheral components; which can be used as payloads for the drone.

Because of his enthusiasm for the development of robot software, he decided to continue his master's thesis on motion planning algorithms. With his experience and expertise in robotic software development, as well as the support of ISIS IC GmbH and the university's StartGlocal team, he will be able to Advance innovations in the field of IRS.

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