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How to start a start-up in 11 steps

In this video you can learn which steps to undertake when starting your own business.

Length: 14 minutes

Business Model Canvas

This video will introduce the basics of the business model canvas, a visual tool which is commonly used as a strategic tool for early stage ideas.

Length: 14 minutes

Lean Impact Canvas

As an important add-on to the Business Model Canvas, the Lean Impact Canvas is focused on sustainable business ideas.

Length: 11 minutes

How to canvas

You can use great online tools to efficiently build your own Business Model Canvas and Lean Impact Canvas. This video will give you a hands-on demonstration and list some of the tools we use at StartGlocal.

Length: 15 minutes

Start-up snack: unicorn vs. zebra

What is the difference between a so-called Zebra and a Unicorn in the business world? Watch this tutorial to get the answer.

Length: 7 minutes

Start-up essential: networking

Building and maintaining your business network is a key component to ongoing success of your-start-up. In this video you will learn that active networking is important.

Length: 8 minutes

Ideation toolbox part 1

In this tutorial series we will talk about several techniques to create and develop ideas. Starting with the tool Scamper you will learn a set of questions to ask in order to improve your idea, service or product in various ways.

Length: 25 minutes

Ideation toolbox part 2

In this second part of the Ideation Toolbox series you will learn how to use the Idea Grid. Based on a 2x2 matrix, the Idea Grid is used to analyze competition and market and where your business can find its niche.

Length: 8 minutes

Ideation toolbox part 3

The third part of the Ideation Toolbox introduces the tool Brute Thinking which is about forcing connections between a set challenge and an unrelated word. It forces you to think about a problem from a new point of view.

Length: 6 minutes

Ideation toolbox part 4

In the last part of the Ideation Toolbox you will learn how to use the tools Slice and Dice and Brainwriting. Slice and Dice helps to deconstruct your challenge into its core elements and improve them one by one. Brainwriting is an improved approach of the famous Brainstorming technique.

Length: 6 minutes

How to start Freelancing in Germany

This document summarises the most important facts about common so called „liberal professions“ (freie Berufe).

Length: 4 pages

How to start freelancing (PDF)

Impact Start-up Dictionary

This document describes all the useful terms that you need to know as Impact Start-up.

Length: 6 pages

Dictionary for Impact Start-ups (PDF)

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