Dr. Gerhard Heusipp

Head of the StartGlocal project

Hello, I am Gerd and I'm in charge of the project, but it can't be done without the great StartGlocal team!

Keeping the threads together. Picking up loose ends and reconnecting them, tying them up with other projects and people inside and outside the University. I am responsible for ensuring that the StartGlocal network carries and lasts.

Keeping an eye on the big picture. Here at the University's Center for Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer, we actively combine research with knowledge transfer as well as with Start-ups and entrepreneurship. We want to be the innovation partner for economy and society and strengthen the region sustainably. I am happy about everyone who participates!

Adriana Boldisova

Project Coordinator

Hello, I'm Adriana and I'm taking care that our StartGlocal rocket reaches the universe on time.

Target – Plan – Checklist. As project coordinator, I make sure that everything runs smoothly and try to keep the team on track. Planning and organization are my passion.

Contacts – Communication – Networking. I'm not only keeping our StartGlocal team up to date, but also enjoy networking with external stakeholders. Feel free to contact me if you want to cooperate with StartGlocal or if you want to learn more about us!

Lea Büren


Hey I am Lea and I'm bringing our StartGlocal projects into the world.

Informed – always – and everywhere. My job is to wrap up our workshops, events and projects in a nice cover and present them to the public. We don't just want to become a brand within the University universe, we also want to gain recognition outside!

Social-Media – Website – Press Relations. Not only our StartGlocal story, but especially your start-up idea should not remain a secret. That's the reason why I'm happy to present you and your Start-up idea on all channels of the University. Have a look at our Instagram Channel or our Start-up Community on Facebook!

Christina Martens

Start-up Coach

Hey I am Christina and I know what you need for a successful Start-up!

Organized – Motivated – Supporting. I am organizing the best workshops and events, which will help you to turn your innovative idea into a successful start-up! My task is to put together the right events for YOU around the topics of entrepreneurship and start-ups.

Ideas – Know-How – Start-ups. Whether with or without an idea, if you are feverish about start-ups, you should take advantage of our wide range of events. Together with the know-how of experts from the start-up scene, I will help you to develop a promising start-up business from your idea!

Christina van Holt

Start-up Scout – Faculty of Society and Economics

Hi, I'm Christina and I'm in charge for the rocket launch at the Faculty of Society and Economics.

Connecting – Motivating – Networking. As a Start-up Scout we are sort of a truffle pig – always looking for inspiring projects and ideas. This is exactly my job at the Faculty of Society and Economics. In addition, I raise awareness for our project at the faculty, I initiate contacts and organize Start-up events related to the faculty.

Accompanying – Supporting – Promoting. Together with the whole StartGlocal team it is my passion to help founders to turn their ideas into reality. Together we can find solutions and answers on the sometimes long and bumpy road when founding a business. As the first contact person at the Faculty of Society and Economics you are always welcome to turn to me with your ideas.

Philip Weykamp

Start-up Scout – Faculties of Life Sciences & Technology and Bionics

Hi, I’m Philip and together we will turn your Idea into a Start-up.

Innovativ – Active – On The Ground. As Start-up Scout I am contact person for your Ideas in the faculties Life Sciences and Technology & Bionics. As Coach I support you from the first sketch of your Idea to a Start-up. We do this not only to transfer our Universities knowledge into the world, but also to push the innovative potential of our students and employees.

Business Model Canvas – Sparring Partner – Network. We want to establish an international entrepreneurship culture. Based on the experience of my own Start-ups I will support you at Business Model Validation, in challenging your ideas and at building your network.

Thilo Schwedmann

Start-up Scout – Faculty of Communication and Environment

Hello, my name is Thilo and I am one of two Start-up Scouts responsible for the Faculty of Communication and Environment.

Creativity – Innovation – Diversity. Always searching for new ideas, as Scout I am your first contact person should you have any questions concerning the topic Start-up.

Digital – Analogue – Cross medial. As Art Director and former TV Designer the development of new ideas has always been part of my everyday life. In my position as coach I am going to help you build your idea, give you creative input and support you with my knowledge of the cross medial environment.

Dr. Claudio Abels

Start-up Scout – Faculties of Communication and Environment & Technology and Bionics

Ciao! I'm Claudio and I help you developing your ideas and prototypes.

Technologies – Analog – And Digital. My task is to accompany you in the further development of your ideas and to help you with the design and realization of your own prototypes. Our University offers many exciting possibilities to develop functional models of your product ideas and to improve them step by step until you finally have your first models in your hands.

Network – Research – And Development. I support you to find suitable expert opinions in the University to validate your founding ideas both scientifically and technically. Our University is exactly the right place to develop innovative ideas!