Start your business as an international student

Many students of Rhine-Waal University come up with business ideas during their studies. We support all students, alumni and employees from EU and non-EU countries in their entrepreneurial activities.

Students from the European Union, European Economic Area countries or Switzerland are free to establish a business in Germany. International students from non-EU countries, who would like to become self-employed in Germany need a residence permission for self-employment first.

Information for non-EU students

The way to your own business should be properly planned. International students from non-EU countries should be aware of the following regulations, when starting up a business in Germany:

Quick facts

  • Visa for self-employment

    As an international student of Rhine-Waal University, you have a residence permission only for your studies. You are legally able to start a self-employment activity in Germany, only when your visa states "Erwebstätigkeit gestattet".

    You can apply for the authorization of your self-employment (Erlaubnis zur Ausübung einer Selbstständigkeit) at foreigners´authority (Ausländerbehörde).

  • Self-employment and success of your studies

    When applying for the self-employment visa, you will be asked for a written provement that the self-employment activity will not hinder the success of your studies at our university and for a written business plan.

  • Part-time business

    International students from non-EU countries who successfully gained visa for self-employment are allowed to work only part-time in their business, as their focus should be on studies.

More information about the whole process of becoming self-employed in Germany for international students, alumni and university employees can be found here:

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We accompany you to the foreigners´authority

StartGlocal team helps you during the whole residence permit application process. Let us know, if you need any further information or accompaniment to the foreigners´authority.