Develop your business idea with our support

In addition to our StartGocal workshops, business idea competitions, and many events we host during the semesters, we are constantly offering personal coaching for our university students and staff members. We have scouts and coaches for all faculties and university departments who are always looking for promising business ideas and passionate entrepreneurs.

Five steps to success

Putting an idea on paper and creating a first prototype is easier said than done. We provide support with the development of your business idea. Tell us about your idea and apply for the coaching with us. We use an iterative coaching process that you can follow alongside your studies or job. Our coaching is open to all business ideas including freelancing activities.

It all starts with your idea and courage to talk about it! Let us know, so we can turn it into a working business model.

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Step 1

Compile your idea

Before we start the coaching with you, we need some basic information about your business idea and a description of your product or service. We ask you to specify the idea, the problem you aim to solve, the solution you have to that problem, the values you propose to your customers, and the customer segments you are targeting.

Step 2

Apply for coaching with the StartGlocal team

We prepared a web form for you. Just enter the information you compiled during the first step (problem statement, solution, value proposition, customer segments) as well as important information about you and your studies at our university.

Send your application

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Step 3

Develop your business plan and test your minimum viable product

The main tool in our coaching process is the Business Model Canvas, which greatly simplifies the development of value and growth hypotheses for your business idea and helps to find appropriate ways to test them.

In parallel to gradually improving your business plan, we ask you to create and design a minimum viable product, a prototype that can be tested with potential customers. Of course, StartGlocal is at your side during the entire process.

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Step 4

Build, measure, learn - and repeat!

We will follow a circular, iterative process in which we repeatedly build the minimum viable product, measure its performance and learn (by using leap of faith hypotheses).

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Step 5

Suitable legal form and potential funding or scholarship

Depending on your specific idea and your business model, we will now discuss about a suitable legal form for your business and whether or not it would make sense to apply for funding or scholarships. If necessary, we are also preparing a convincing pitch for your business idea together with you.

Funding programs

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Do you have a specific question about our coaching process? Do not hesitate to let us know.