Mentoring program

In our mentoring program, we connect students of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences with start-up experts and professionals from various fields.

Over a self-defined period of time, the mentor will support you in developing your innovative and sustainable business idea and enhancing your start-up mindset. In this personal, trusting exchange, you will benefit and learn from your mentor's knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Join our mentoring program if you …

  • are commited to work intensively on your business idea
  • seek to learn from the mentor's experience
  • need constructive feedback on your business idea
  • would like to expand your network
  • are a student of the Rhine-Waal University

Mentoring process

  1. Application and preparation
    Send us a motivation letter including this information: Who are you and what is your business idea about? At which point in the start-up development are you now and what are the steps that still need to be done? What are your expectations from your mentor?
  2. Coaching
    We will schedule a meeting to discuss your business idea and mentoring opportunities.
  3. Matching
    We will match you with a suitable mentor, with whom you will agree on the details of your mentoring partnership.
  4. Mentoring
    You will arrange regular meetings with your mentor, with one recommended meeting per month. StartGlocal will continue to provide support through coaching, workshops, and events.
  5. Evaluation
    At the end of the mentoring program, we will come together to evaluate the experience.
Mentoring process with five steps: application preparation, coaching, matching, mentoring, evaluation
Mentoring process with five steps: application preparation, coaching, matching, mentoring, evaluation


      Andrea da Silva

      Scientific Research Assistant in Economic Psychology | Decentralized Equality Officer
      Areas of expertise
      Creative Techniques & Idea Pooling, Business Succession, Start-ups, Migrant Entrepreneurship, Female entrepreneurship

        Eva de Schrevel

        Start-up Coach
        Areas of expertise
        Gastronomy, Food & Beverages, Wine, Spirits, Product Development
        • Dr. Heinz Spelthann

          Dr. Heinz Spelthann

          Start-up Coach
          Areas of expertise
          Strategy planning and implementation, Initiation of business

            Holger Schnapka

            Business Coach at STARTERCENTER of Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the Lower Rhine Region
            Areas of expertise
            Business Coaching, Finance

              Johannes Franke

              CEO | Lead Events at startport
              Areas of expertise
              Logistics & Supply Chain, Management, Start-up Ecosystems NRW

                Prof. Dr. Kathrin Weidner

                Professor for Operations & Innovation Management
                Areas of expertise
                Design thinking & Innovation methods, Business plan, Market analysis, Pitch

                  Prof. Klaus Hegemann

                  Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Environment | Professor of Business Studies with a focus on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
                  Areas of expertise
                  Finance, Social Entrepreneurship

                    Martin J Aichmayr

                    Start-up Coach
                    Areas of expertise
                    Start-up Consulting, Business Planning, Strategic Development

                      Neal Dietrich

                      Start-up Coach
                      Areas of expertise

                        Peter Godulla

                        Impact Investor | Start-up Coach
                        Areas of expertise
                        Alignment, Customer Acquisition, Marketing & Pitch Training for Sustainable Start-ups

                          Philip Weykamp

                          Entrepreneur | CEO | Co-Founder fairnergy & GreenTrax
                          Areas of expertise
                          Business Model Development, Feedback & Discussion of Ideas, Organization of Start-ups, Energy Transition in EU, Transport/Mobility Transition

                            Philipp Winkmann

                            CEO at 3D innovaTech, Liberty Acoustics &, Winkmann Management Consulting
                            Areas of expertise
                            Business Model Creation for Tech Start-ups, Market and Competitor's Analysis, Product Development for Sustainable Innovation

                          Peer mentors

                              Abir Bhattacharyya

                              CTO Raise agriculture | Robotics Developer at Delta Engine
                              Areas of expertise
                              Robotics, AI, Cloud Architecture, Devops, Mlops, Product-Market Fit

                                Annabell Mitschelen

                                Scientific staff member and PhD student, TU Braunschweig
                                Areas of expertise
                                Foundation process, legal & organizational matters

                                  Arun Ramaswamy

                                  R&D Engineer
                                  Areas of expertise
                                  New Energy, E-Mobility, Automotive & Micromobility Industry, Project Management/Planning, Negotiation, Pitch Preparation

                                    Gerardo Garzón Alvarez

                                    Chief Design Officer at WPMacroverse
                                    Areas of expertise
                                    Design Thinking, UX Research, Prototyping, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Design, Storytelling, Pitch, Networking

                                      Paola Wouappi

                                      Entrepreneur | Design Thinking Coach
                                      Areas of expertise
                                      Business Idea Development, Customer-Centric Prototype Building and Validation, Investor Pitch Training

                                        Philippe G. Vayda

                                        CEO at Venegas Carreno und Vayda GbR (Art-Glove)
                                        Areas of expertise
                                        UX/Usability, IP, Automotive

                                          Sairam Damparala

                                          Global Quality Management – Factory Coordinator at Bosch Siemens Home Appliances
                                          Areas of expertise
                                          Management, Technology & Sustainable Innovation

                                            Samrina Jafrin

                                            Research Assistant at HMKW Berlin
                                            Areas of expertise
                                            Sustainability, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Future Studies, Value-Based Innovation Management