Interview mit WPMacroverse

Searching for the right WordPress plugins for your website is difficult and time-consuming. Often you only find demos that don‘t reflect the reality of the websites. A team of students at HSRW has taken on the problem and created a start-up out of it: WPMacroverse.

We met with the founders Annabell, Erick and Gerado from WPMacroverse. During the interview, they told us how they came up with the idea for WPMacroverse and how StartGlocal, Startplatz Düsseldorf and Women Entrepreneur in Sciences helped them with the foundation.

StartGlocal: How did you come up with the idea for WPMacroverse?
Erick had the idea for WPMacroverse when he was looking for suitable WordPress plugins himself. But the search was difficult and tedious, because only demos are shown, which do not reflect the reality in websites.

StartGlocal: What exactly is WPMacroverse?
WPMacroverse is an innovative online marketplace with a reversed approach for WordPress products. Traditional online marketplaces for WordPress products or comparison portals only show demos of plugins as they should work. But in reality, websites are more complex, and WPMacroverse allows to find equal websites using the same technologies or plugins. This makes it easier and faster to find the right plugin for your website. Also, there can be no hidden compatibility issues.

StartGlocal: How did you find/get to know each other as a team?
We all got to know each other in our studies at HSRW and were friends for a long time before we started working together and founding the company.

StartGlocal: What were the first steps towards your foundation?
We talked to other founders and StartGlocal beforehand and did a lot of research on the necessary steps. In our case, we first spoke with the immigration office since aspects such as visas also had to be taken into account. Then we had notary appointments to draw up and sign the contracts. The foundation also includes further steps such as opening a bank account and registering a business. 

StartGlocal: What kind of support did you receive?
We received a lot of support through StartGlocal in the form of workshops, among other things, but could also always turn to them with questions. With StartGlocal and Startplatz Düsseldorf, we successfully applied for the Start-up Grant Gründerstipendium NRW. We have also received support from Women Entrepreneurs in Science of the Universtiy in Wuppertal.

StartGlocal: What is the next step for WPMacroverse?
We have successfully applied for the Ignition program powered by digihub, which has now started. In this, we again have the opportunity for financial support, but we can also participate in workshops, and we are looking forward to meeting even more founders. Ultimately, we would like to establish ourselves successfully in the market.

StartGlocal wishes the WPMacroverse team all the best for the future! We are already very excited about what will happen next. Learn more about WPMacroverse here.

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