Creating more sustainable shopping habits

Your Outfit is an app in which you can scan clothes and it shows you the impact on the environment. It also shows you more sustainable alternatives which you can directly purchase within the app, to create more sustainable shopping habits.

The problem

The fashion industry is undergoing a sustainable change in the past years, more companies turn to eco-friendly production. The main problem is that there is a lack of transparency about how sustainable a clothing company is producing and selling its products.

Furthermore, a lack of sustainable knowledge for suppliers and manufacturers is an entry barrier to being more sustainable.

The solution

The goal is to calculate the environmental impact of clothing by using Life Cycle Assessment and communicating the impact results to the consumers in a clear and simple form. As a B2B company, Your Outfit models the life cycle of a product by displaying the impact on the environment. Furthermore, it supports the companies by adjusting certain environmental intense hotspots to create a more sustainable product. By supporting several companies in their environmental change, a network of eco-friendly suppliers and manufacturers could be built up. This could also help other customers and other companies to improve their products quickly.

The problem

Modelling a life cycle assessment is a time-consuming and costly procedure mostly done by consulting companies. By shrinking down the modelling process using a combination of self-measured impact data and established databanks, the same process can be done faster and more cost-efficient.

Your Outfit also offers a network of eco-friendly suppliers and manufacturers to quickly support a sustainable change.

Social and environmental impact

The goal is that the customer has a convenient experience in the process of finding out more about a company's products. Currently, the start-up is working on an App with interactive features. The highlights of the customer-friendly reporting are, that it is easy to read and understand. Furthermore, the reading time is only two to four minutes. Visualizations are used for a better understanding. Also, Your Outfit creates compact reports which contains an infographic about the environmental impact.


Christian Moreth

Christian is currently enrolled in the study program Sustainable Development Management at the Faculty of Society and Economics.


Your Outfit won the first place with his business idea at the Best Idea Cup 2022 at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science.

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