The problem

WordPress is the largest website building platform and is used in around 40% of websites. But still, the functionalities are limited, so different plugins or themes have to be installed in order to add features.

Finding and buying the right product is not an easy task, because the research process is long and not transparent. There is a lack of real examples shown in the websites of the product sellers and it is not uncommon that there are integration problems when using different plugins.

Our solution

This is why we developed It is a reversed marketplace where buyers can see the products like plugins, themes, etc. and see how they are used in real websites before they buy them. In this live showroom, they can find websites with the same technology and compare which products fit their needs better. Customers can also get inspiration for additional features and get recommendations for products that can help them in their business.

Our business model helps WordPress users with a medium skill level to find the perfect plugin, theme and hosting for their website in the fastest way possible.

Our business model is a traditional marketplace model, where we get a commission on sales which buyers make. So, if a buyer finds the right software on our website and buys it, we get a commission on this sale. In the future we plan to become a meta search engine for the technologies used in websites.

Our prototype

On a traditional marketplace the user finds a variety of WordPress products, their features and demos that work perfectly. We are aiming for the opposite approach. In the customer can see real websites using the products they are interested in first so they can make a better decision.

There is a working minimum viable product at with a large showroom of websites and the plugins they are using.

NRW Gründerstipendium

The team presented their idea and convinced the judges at the Startplatz coworking in Düsseldorf to get the funding from the Gründerstipendium NRW. The team is the first software startup coming from Rhine-Waal University to get the scholarship from Startplatz.

The team

Annabell from Germany

Annabell Mitschelen is a student of the Master program International Management and Psychology. She has experience in human resources and project management. Due to her previous experience in HR and administration, she will manage the outreach to build business relationships needed to move the project forward. Annabell is also in charge of the accounting, the regulatory processes and legal aspects.

Erick from Ecuador

Erick Rea is a data scientist with experience in developing digital products. He studies the Master program Information Engineering and Computer Science at the Hochschule Rhein-Waal in Kamp-Lintfort. He had the idea for the start-up when working on WordPress websites with his own web agency some years ago. He has successfully ranked websites in the first pages of Google reaching thousands of readers per month.

Gerardo from Colombia

Gerardo Garzon Alvarez is a student of the Master program Digital Media at the Hochschule Rhein-Waal. He has launched WordPress based stores in the past in his home country. He is leading the design and frontend development of the platform following UI/UX best practices. Gerardo is also part of the Enactus initiative at the Rhein-Waal University who are building a gamified app to encourage climate action.

Thanks to the StartGlocal initiative of HSRW and the StartGlocal Academy we found the perfect fostering environment for our project. The networking events between students and companies have introduced us to potential partners and expanded our reach.
Erick Rea