Bluetec Horizon follows the goal of developing the most cost-effective and sustainable solution for utilizing urban wind power to actively fight climate change.

The problem

The expansion of wind energy in Germany is stagnating. In the greater context of the Sustainable Development Goals No. 11 "Sustainable Cities and Communities" and No. 13 "Climate Action”, new, innovative solutions are needed. The focus lies especially on achieving climate neutrality by 2035. Also, most of the older wind turbines are too loud and generate a lot of vibrations. Moreover, they often do not produce enough electricity and even have to run for up to 50 years to pay for themselves.

Our solution

In order to bring wind turbines to urban areas, Bluetec Horizon is working on an intelligent, vertical axis wind turbine. With the proprietary vertical wind-turbine technology, it offers an efficient solution of independent energy supply for buildings. the help of 300 newly installed wind turbines of this type, 600 tons of CO2 can be saved annually. In addition, 600 households can be supplied with clean energy and 180,000 euros in energy costs can be saved.

Our prototype

The model of the wind turbine with vertical armpit is not new. Bluetec Horizon has added a new plate design to this original model, for which a patent application has already been filed. Each turbine of the vertical Axis wind turbine has a small weather station at the top, which monitors the weather data in real time. The turbines are adapted according to the weather conditions to achieve maximum efficiency. The special design of the rotor blades ensures a 30% increase in efficiency at low(er) wind speeds.

Our team

Deepanshu Pandey
Tinashe Gonese

Prithviraj Phadnis (Technical Advisor)
Michael Geulen (Business Advisor)


As a part of Enactus Kleve e.V., Bluetec Horizon was awarded the Rookie Award at the Enactus Germany National Cup 2022. Furthermore, the third place at the Best Idea Cup 2022 at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science was achieved.

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