StartGlocal supports various start-up projects ranging from very first ideas to projects in the seed stage.


Sustainable solutions to protect and regenerate freshwater ecosystems.

Faculty of Life Sciences, StartGlocal Academy

Clever Education Initiative

Clever Education Initiative is an education project based in Kleve that aims to support (secondary) school students from refugee and migrant families.

Faculty of Society and Economics

Intelligent Robotic Services

Intelligent Robotic Services aims to expand existing inspection and maintenance services for wind turbine blades with.

Faculty of Technology and Bionics


The Ringelbox is a vermicomposter particularly designed for indoor use in kindergartens and schools.

Timeline: 2020 - present

Best Idea Cup 2020, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Society and Economics, StartGlocal Academy


Art-Glove is an intelligent, self-massaging glove for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Fakultät Kommunikation und Umwelt, Best Idea Cup 2019