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Pressure Cooker Day with Rinsenhof

Finding solutions for a regional company - This was exactly the task facing two interdisciplinary student teams from the HSRW.

From bouldering and parkour terrains to flower cafés and a Waldorf school, innovative ideas and suggestions were also collected at the third Pressure Cooker Day. The regional enterprise in this case was the Rinsenhof in Kalkar-Wissel. The van Haaren family would like to redesign and use their vacant, former agricultural halls and land. In the end, the team was able to win the competition with the idea "Rinsenhof Flower & Nature", a romantic culture and flower café.

The van Haaren family is enthusiastic about the format: "The Pressure Cooker Day was a unique opportunity for us to have students from different disciplines look at our problem. The day was very enriching for us personally and a great experience. The professional approach of the StartGlocal team also gave us the necessary confidence to work together in digital form."

To make the successful day visible in the long term, a tree was planted together with the Rinsenhof and the StartGlocal project.

Ursula und Michael van Haaren
Ursula and Michael van Haaren

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