Implement innovation driving teaching formats with us

The StartGlocal team supports lecturers of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in the design and implementation of various teaching formats on the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship.

We give lectures, workshops and keynotes on start-up topics and support the supervision of related interdisciplinary projects or theses. We also offer to invite guest speakers from our network such as start-up founders to your lectures, who can present their own company to your students and speak about their experience as an entrepreneur.

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Our support for lecturers

Innovation Sprint in class

The aim of this format is to learn from practical experience. Together with you, we design a one-day or multi-day workshop in which your students work on a real, innovative challenge of a regional company. The workshop will be accompanied by a creativity and innovation coach, the StartGlocal team and representatives of the company.

At the end of the workshop, the solutions for the challenge are presented and the best solution is awarded. In best case, the solution will be implemented later on in the company during an internship or thesis.

Curricular modules

We offer customizable semester courses on the following topics:

  • Ideation tools for business idea generation
  • Business model generation using the Business Model Canvas
  • Value proposition design using the Value Proposition Canvas
  • Testing of business ideas using Testing Cards
  • Business idea pitch

Our courses give students the opportunity to learn about the start-up process, all the way from idea generation to the realisation in a practice-oriented manner. The tools that are used in the formats are being used by many successful start-ups and reflect the state of the art in the start-up scene. The scope of the course can be adapted individually, from a teaser up to several lectures.

Start-up Talks

We invite start-up founders or entrepreneurs whose businesses are matching your lecture content for a keynote at your lecture. Thus your students can learn from experience of successful founders.

Start-up Week Germany

All university members can actively participate in the nationwide campaign promoting entrepreneurial spirit - Start-up week Germany.

Interdisciplinary projects

We support you in the supervision of start-up-related interdisciplinary projects or supervise them by ourselvers.

Bachelor and Master Theses

We can be second supervisors of entrepreneurship-related Bachelor and Master theses. We can also connect students with regional start-ups in case they would like to write a thesis in a cooperation with a company.


We offer keynotes on various topics related to start-ups and entrepreneurship as part of your lecture:

  • Idea tools
  • Business model generation
  • Value proposition design
  • Testing of business ideas
  • Business idea pitch
  • 10 Steps to a start-up
  • How can I found a company as a student?
  • How can I become a freelancer as a student?
  • Lean Entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Best practice examples

Curricular workshop on BMC

We have conducted several curricular workshops on the Business Model Canvas (BMC) in the study course Environment and Energy, B.Sc. in the module Entrepreneurship in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Kai Tiedemann.

Workshop series "Founding a Start-up"

We offered 4 workshops throughout the semester under the name "Founding a Start-up" the Master's program in Health Sciences. It was a kind of "all-in-one" package and a crash course to teach the students all the basic steps of founding a start-up.

Module "Business Founding and Financing"

We planned, conducted and supervised the module "Business Founding and Financing" in the Sustainable Tourism, B.A. degree program over the course of one semester. In this module of Prof. Dr. Ute Merbecks, students gained all the necessary skills for founding of innovative companies.

An innovation management system to promote innovative ideas at universities

An interdisciplinary project "An innovation management system to promote innovative ideas at universities". A team of students has designed and programmed a fully functional innovation management tool in an agile environment for use at universities. This project was independently conceived and supervised by StartGlocal.

Applied innovation management

An interdisciplinary project "Applied Innovation Management". StartGlocal supported the team of the "Cross Innovation Lab – NiederRhein" in the development and implementation of two workshops on cross innovation. The workshops were hosted by students and reached participants from all over the world.

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