Summer School - From Idea to Prototype

    Turn your ideas into tangible prototypes!

    In a two-day workshop, our three start-up scouts will guide you through the process of brainstorming and creating a business model canvas for your product. Together we will further develop your ideas and create a simple prototype. To round up the event, all participants will come together for a barbecue afterwards!

    What´s included:
    • Professional introductions and mind-mapping session
    • In-depth exploration and showcase of the Business Model Canvas
    • Hands-on experience with low-fidelity (simple) prototyping
    • Refreshments during the whole time
    • Delicious bbq to enjoy after the event
    • A certificate of participation
    • Valuable start-up book for everybody as a present

    The workshop is free and requires no specific idea or prior experience to participate. Let’s ignite your creativity together!