Prototyping Workshop

    Dive into the world of prototyping with CNC milling machines!

    In this workshop our three Start-up Scouts will guide you through an experience focused on CNC milling. Under expert guidance, you’ll have the opportunity to create your very own personalized keychain while gaining valuable insights into CNC milling!

    What’s included:
    • Professional guidance and instructions
    • Exploration of CNC milling machines while creating your own workpieces
    • Introduction to parametric design with Fusion360 and hands-on CAM process demonstration
    • Refreshments and snacks during the workshop
    • Certificate of participation
    • A valuable startup book as a gift

    To participate, each attendee has to bring a computer with a valid Fusion360 license, which can be obtained free of charge for all university members under the following link: Fusion 360

    The workshop is free, for technology enthusiasts and requires no specific idea or prior experience to participate. Let’s ignite your creativity together!