Discover Yourself: Create Your Own Path to Growth

    14.11.2023, 10:00 - 12:00
    Room 20 03 007, Herzogstr.30, HSRW Kleve
    For everyone who is interested

    Florian Gaisrucker, Innovation Sprint Manager “TransRegINT”
    Jörg van den Heuvel, Innovation Sprint Manager “TransRegINT”

    Would you like to dive into the world of personal development?

    In this workshop, our colleagues Florian and Jörg from “TransRegINT” project will guide you through an experience focused on self-discovery, reflection, and future planning. They will help you understand your skills, strengths, personality, and passion while creating your own path to growth!

    What’s included:

    • Professional guidance and interactive activities
    • Exploration of your strengths through personality reflection and skill mapping
    • Engaging exercises, including the folding ruler game and application of the FISH! Philosophy (including a book for free)
    • Refreshments and snacks during the workshop
    • A self-development roadmap

    To participate, each attendee should come with an open mind and readiness to explore their inner self.
    No specific tools or prior experience is required.

    The workshop is free, aimed at students, employees, alumni of Rhine-Waal University, and anyone interested in personal growth. Join us and discover yourself!