Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship Opportunities

    14.11.2023, 13:00 - 14:00
    Room 20 03 007, Herzogstr.30, HSRW Kleve
    For everyone who is interested

    Prof. Dr. Marina Gregorić - Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Management, HSRW

    Are you ready to learn about digital marketing and its enormous potential for start-ups and SMEs?

    Gain insights into digital marketing tools, social media, market segmentation, and customer targeting!
    Learn valuable strategies and tactics of digital marketing from Prof. Dr. Marina Gregorić, an expert in the field.

    This interactive workshop is designed for people with entrepreneurial ambitions, marketing enthusiasts, and anyone looking to gain useful insights into digital marketing strategies.

    You don’t need any preparation, experience, or an idea to participate.

    Sign up and enjoy this one hour insightful session with us!