Our 12 interactive online workshops and tutorials in English

Our experts show you how to turn your idea into a successful business plan in our 12 interactive online workshops and tutorials.

Finally, you will present your start-up idea to a jury at the DEMODAY Pitch Batch. The three best ideas of the StartGlocal Academy will be awarded.

    Kick-off: Ideate & Network

    Develop wild ideas that fascinate you AND the world

    • Get to know how to create innovative start-up ideas that the world really wants
    • Learn about the criteria you will need for a sucessful business idea
    • Practice how to develop your idea (further)
    • Get to know eachother and network in interdisciplinary teams

    Trust yourself that you can do it!

      Entrepreneurial Skills & Team

      What it means to be a real entrepreneur

      • Get to know your personality profile and get personally prepared for being an entrepreneur
      • Reflect on you entrepreneurial skills and find out what may be your strengths and weakneses building your own business
      • Learn how to build a high-performance team that rocks its business

        Business Model Generation

        Make your dreams turn into plans

        • Gain insight into how a working business model is built by looking at real examples of working business models
        • Develop a functioning business model out of your business ideas by using business model canvas
        • Receive feedback from an expert for your business models and use this feedback to develop your business idea
        • Find potential ways of how to make your ideas fly

          Value Proposition Design

          How to really excite your customers for your product

          • Define your target group using the “persona” concept and understand the wishes and needs of your customers
          • Learn, how to generate a targeted customer approach for your start-up company
          • Find out, how to communicate the value of your product and how to “sell” it to potential customers


            Let’s prototype! Give your wild ideas a shape

            • Give your business idea a physical shape: Develop a draft of your product, which you can show to potential investors or customers
            • Learn, how to build a prototype that shows your business idea but doesn’t reveal too much
            • Learn, how to deal with customer feedback and use the feedback loop for possible improvements of your product
            • Have fun building your own prototype!
            • Special: Virtual live tour through the FabLab in Kamp-Lintfort on 03.11.21

              Market Research & Idea Validation

              Determine the right market for your idea

              • Get to know market research tools to analyze the (relevant) market
              • Apply techniques to validate your own start-up idea
              • Gain skills in dealing with customer feedback in order to use it for improvements of your own idea

                Marketing & Sales

                No budget for marketing? No problem!

                • Gain the necessary skills for the development of strategies for an optimal approach to customers and cooperation partners
                • Find the right offline and online PR and communication strategies for your start-up
                • Brain beats budget: Learn about guerrilla marketing, low-budget marketing and zero-budget marketing
                • Experience a novel online collaboration board for optimal communication in your team

                  Business Planning I

                  Build a professional plan for your business!

                  • Get to know the relevance and the essential components of a business plan
                  • Practice working on the business plan under supervision using your own business idea
                  • Receive feedback and valuable tips for the successful business planning of your business start-up

                    Business Planning II

                    Build a professional plan for your business!

                    • Practice creating a financial plan for your own business idea, as a part of the business plan
                    • Find out, what financing and funding opportunities are available for you as a start-up founder

                      Intellectual Property Rights for Start-ups

                      How to protect your start-up idea

                      • Learn about the most important ways to protect your own start-up idea
                      • Gain insight into patent law, copyright law, etc.
                      • Practice how to check already protected ideas to prevent infringements
                      • Get tips & tricks on how to choose the appropriate protection for your own start-up idea
                      • Develop an appropriate protection strategy for your idea

                        Pitch & Presentation

                        Ready, steady, pitch!

                        • Prepare for the pitch of your start up idea on the DEMO DAY
                        • Learn about the most important presentation methods, do’s and don’ts and choose the method that best suits your start-up idea
                        • Gain more confidence in your presentation through practical exercises
                        • Take important tips for your future investor meetings

                          DEMO DAY Pitch Batch

                          Pitch your start-up idea at our final event DEMO DAY!

                          The jury votes for the 3 best start-up ideas!

                          Ready to start?

                          Our mission is to help you to become an entrepreneur!
                          Remember the first step that we talked about? Correct! Right now is the perfect time to start!