I’m afraid to share my idea with others, because they might steal it. What do you think?

The more people from different backgrounds you ask for their honest opinion about your idea, the better you understand the customer needs and the more precise you can estimate the market potential. There are many people with hundreds of ideas every single day. Not the idea is what people could steal from you, it’s the approach or solution to that problem.

I want to found a company. Should I put all my eggs in one basket and drop out of my studies?

We clearly don’t recommend to go “all-in”. Start-ups are usually characterised by very innovative business models and new products or services. There is always a high risk for the business to fail. In case that happens, you better have a plan B! Furthermore, you can start small during your studies and grow after you will have finished your degree at our university.

Do you support business ideas about import and export of goods?

The import and export of goods is most likely not innovative enough to be supported by StartGlocal. However, given that your invention improves current state-of-the-art in logistics, for instance, we likely support it!

I have an idea, but I don’t think I can do it without a team. Can you help me?

This is great news! We can help you finding the right co-founders for your team, future colleagues who complement your skills and knowledge at best.

Is it possible to write a bachelor’s or master’s thesis about my start-up idea with StartGlocal?

This might be possible for your study course. However, you should always talk to your supervisor first and discuss your possibilities. If your supervisor agrees, StartGlocal could potentially support you too!

Do I have to cancel my registration for a StartGlocal event in case I can’t attend?

Yes! Your registration is binding! Many of our events have a limited number of participants. With your registration you fill a highly coveted place in one of our events. If you are unable to attend an event, you can easily cancel your registration via the button in your registration e-mail and free your place for someone on the waiting list.

I like to apply for a start-up grant. Do you support me in the process?

Yes! However, let’s first make sure your business model works and your minimum viable product was successfully tested with potential customers. The chances for your application are the higher, the more work you have put into your business model and prototyping.

Can StartGlocal teach me how to fly?

No! But we have good news for you: essentially, you just have to throw yourself at the ground and miss!

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