Our mission: Help you to become an entrepreneur!

We are going to show you, how the way from an innovative business idea to a successful start-up looks like!

The StartGlocal Academy workshop program is open for students and/or alumni of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. It is an ideal opportunity for you to acquire the know-how necessary for the development of your innovative idea into a start-up business.

The StartGlocal Academy will help you to develop and to validate your business model in an interactive working environment. During the StartGlocal Academy, experts on various business topics are going to accompany your team and teach you all the key competencies needed for a successful start of your business. StartGlocal Academy is a series of ten online workshops covering a range of interconnected topics.

First step: Start!

Founding a start-up is often associated with many challenges. If you have an innovative start-up idea, be courageous and bring it to life! Learn in our StartGlocal Academy, what it means to build a start-up and develop your own real business!

Learn, what it means to be a real start-up entrepreneur!

The StartGlocal Academy will teach you all the important business basics necessary for the development of your innovative idea into a promising business model.

Components of the StartGlocal Academy

12 interactive online workshops and online tutorials in English language

The StartGlocal Academy is a series of ten online workshops, during which our experts will support you with start-up and entrepreneurship know-how, including knowledge about following topics:

  • Creativity techniques for the idea generation
  • Entrepreneurial skills & team
  • Business Model Canvas and business model development
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Prototyping
  • Market, competition and customer analysis as the basics for the marketing plan
  • Business and financial planning
  • Legal forms of companies and tax requirements
  • Property Rights
  • Presentation skills for a convincing pitch

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Working sessions

Here you have time to meet as a team, as well as to exchange ideas with the other teams & the start-up coach.

Of course with coffee and some cookies.


You can apply alone or as a team for the StartGlocal Academy. We advice you to apply as a team with the interdisciplinary competence of team members, as it enhances the chance for the success of your start-up business. The maximum number of team members should not exceed five.

You will work on your submitted innovative start-up idea in a team during the whole workshop program. If you are applying alone, there will be an opportunity to team-up with others during the StartGlocal Academy. Moreover, also new team members from the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, can join your team during the StartGlocal Academy, after the consultation with the StartGlocal team.

The work in interdisciplinary and international teams gives you an opportunity to acquire valuable communication and teamwork skills that you can apply either at our final event Demo Day or also later in your professional life.


For a lively exchange in between of workshops, a virtual group in Webex Teams will be created exclusively for you as a participant of the StartGlocal Academy. Here you can communicate with each other and with the start-up coach around the clock.

Moreover, you will get an access to a Moodle course with the content from all workshops and other exciting information provided by experts and the StartGlocal team.


A participation in the StartGlocal Academy offers you numerous opportunities to network with different stakeholders. Especially our final event DEMO DAY will give you the chance to establish important contacts with partners, sponsors, investors or mentors, who may be willing to support your future start-up business.

We are also going to organise regular informal Start-up Community Meet-ups, to which you and your team are cordially invited.


After successful participation in the entire StartGlocal Academy workshop series (you have to participate at least at ten out of twelve online workshops and six out of eleven online tutorials) you will receive a certificate with the recognition of your achievements.

Start-up package worth 100 €

We will provide you and your team with a start-up package worth 100 € after successful acomplishment of the StartGlocal Academy!

Pitch competition on DEMO DAY

The Demo Day is the final event of the StartGlocal Academy, which is going to take place after the ten online workshops. On the Demo Day, your team will be given the opportunity to pitch your start-up idea and a prototype in the front of various stakeholders from the regional innovation system and the start-up scene.

The team with the best start-up idea pitch is going to win a special prize! Do not miss this opportunity to get valuable contacts for your start-up!

Four reasons to participate in the StartGlocal Academy!

Valuable contacts and experience

Online workshop program worth 12.000 €


Start-up package worth 100€

Interactive online workshops

Keen to acquire comprehensive competencies for setting up your own company?